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NFT collectibles x Limited items
SERIALNINE has been on the forefront of style and technology since the beginning.
From introducing Sedan drifting to North America, bringing esthetics to the aftermarket, to developing the most advanced JZ transmission and shifter solution on the market to this day, innovation is in our DNA
It is this DNA that has led us to once again push the envelope of technology and bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual world. SERIALNINE is introducing  the first ever tokenized digital/physical collectible sold on a bonding curve from the automotive realm.
The final 99 units of our legendary SK3 shift knob in SERIALNINE green will be immortalized both physically and digitally on the blockchain to be collected and traded within a growing ecosystem of interconnected digital collectibles.
These limited Green SK3's are only available for purchase as an NFT (non-fungible token) on ETHEREUM. The starting price will be $10, progressively increasing by $10 with each knob sold.
Join us in for this historic experiment with automotive NFT's on Ethereum. All proceeds from this project will fund new and exciting ventures into the digital space. We foresee a future where SERIALNINE, car meets and the entire automotive space expands into the virtual metaverse.
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