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adjustable control arms


Highly adjustable toe arm (In-Situ) +/- 20mm from stock. Pillow mounting for zero deflection and precise alignment.

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solid bushings system


Solid differential bushings replace the compliant OEM rubber bushings. Made of a hybrid delrin/aluminum for improved NVH over all aluminum bushings. Finished in our signature white and green combo, we recommend these for anyone looking to improve power transfer through the drivetrain. These are easy to install and100% streetable. *raises diff 6mm over stock 


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drivetrain and accessories


The highest quality, most technically advanced adaptor system to mate the Toyota JZ Engine to a Nissan CD009/JK Transmission the market.


​Our lightweight, minimalist adapter does away with the rubber Guibo on all 3 bolt flange diffs and allows the use of a 1 piece driveshaft with traditional 1310/1350 U-joint.


Our X-Member PRO is a beautifully efficient solution to fabricating your own transmission cross member. Made of billet 6061-T6 aluminum and machined out for lightness, strength and function. These fit perfectly with our CD-PRO kits and certain other brands of adapters. 

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ONI Front Upper Control Arm adjustable from -10mm ~ -20mm  Onikyan arm is for extreme camber and low cars. Balljoint corrected for -3" ride height.  ***UNRELEASED***

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