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NO MERCY! A line we believe all car people can relate with.

No Mercy for shitty car "builds", No Mercy for rep wheels, No Mercy for clout chasers, fake friends, people that spin on track and sit there, "what oil do I run" dudes, bacon fender bros, and people that don't FULLY commit.  Basically F*$K Peasant Idiots. 

We've proudly emblazoned that on our first steering wheel, a special shirt, and a limited Nobori Flag so you'll always be reminded to never again be a peasant. 

Deep Dish Steering Wheel

We've partnered up with RENOWN USA for our first steering wheel. Known around the world for top quality steering wheels, they've previously teamed up with Speedhunters and RWB so they've definitely kept good company. We feel the RENOWN name stands for quality and innovation, as does SERIALNINE, so the collaboration was natural. We also wanted to push the boundaries of their brand by offering the most unconventional wheel they've ever produced. Limited sale of 100 pieces, 65 in leather and 35 in suede.

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leather n suede detail

Available in both Genuine Leather or Suede. Leather is best suited to cars that get driven regularly and Suede to cars that are track driven or true ballers who love the look and feel of suede at all times.

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The NO MERCY steering wheel is 350mm Diameter, 100mm deep and uses a 6 x 70mm (MOMO) mounting pattern. We include matching Green Ti mounting hardware, a SERIALNINE horn button and a cloth Renown tote bag.  

The Saber Tooth Skull and SERIALNINE logos are embroidered in bright shimmering white thread. We've thoughtfully placed them  in areas where you don't normally touch to keep your wheel looking icy longer.

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leather S9S9 detail

The S9S9S9 "chain" surrounding the entire wheel stitched in shiny black thread provides a subtle contrast and tactile feel while showing the peasants looking through your windshield what superior style you possess.

NO MERCY FOR PEASANTS front and center reminds you to never lift, commit to the man line, or not worry about dragging the entire underbody and titanium exhaust of your car over that speedbump. 

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 Each NO MERCY steering wheel is hand stitched in our signature SERIALNINE green thread. Its not for everyone, but it's definitely for every true SERIALNINE fan. We think of it as a badge of honor, our color worn proudly on your car.

Suede green stitch detail
Saber SK3 trio_edited.jpg

We want to give back to our true fans, so we're proudly giving away something truly rare, special and collectible. We've laser etched three tall green SK3's with the Matching Saber Tooth Skull and numbered them from 1-3 in saber slashes. The Money Green knobs are currently not available for sale at all and are highly valuable as they will be the ONLY SK3's linked to the NO MERCY line. With the purchase of a NO MERCY steering wheel, we are giving away one a day for the first three days after release. The winners will be randomly generated from the numbers on the wheels sold on the corresponding day. If all are sold in less than three days the total will be divided into 3 and the winners generated from those 3 sets of numbers.

Saber SK3 detail_edited.jpg

Nobori Flag

The NO MERCY nobori flag is a gleaming light in your garage reminding you of all things important, things you shouldn't sacrifice, and things you should do mercilessly. The Nobori flags are included free with every  #_9 steering wheel or simply purchase one in the store.  

no mercy flag.png

Tee Shirt

Our NO MERCY tee shirt in classic black with metallic silver print. One lucky person will receive a special tag on their shirt redeemable for the #99 NO MERCY steering wheel. That's right the #99 Steering wheel goes to a random person that simply bought the tee shirt. 

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