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SEMA 2017!!

SEMA sign

So we went to SEMA!! 2017 was our first year exhibiting at the SEMA show. For those that aren't familiar SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, essentially a 4 day industry only extravaganza of ANY aftermarket product related to Automobiles. This includes performance/styling/tools/equipment/replacement/accessories/etc. if its related to cars, you name it, its there. Companies come from all over the world to exhibit their products, network and try to gain exposure and market share of the $41 BILLION dollar industry.

In 2017 we launched our ZERO division brand of performance products tying back to our roots of drifting and Motorsports. We felt that this exciting line, along with our existing SERIALNINE lines was enough to have a small (10x10) booth at SEMA. We opted to rent the booth display due to logistics and make the CD-PRO the centerpiece. We wanted to showcase the new CD-PRO JZ->CD00x transmission adapter system as well as our famous CD999 shifter and the new hydro E-brake. We designed a pyramid like stand so people could come into the booth and feel the CD999 for themselves and pull the ultra smooth new Hydro E-brake.

Thanks to our homie Gordon Breakwell and Henry ZERO we got the stand finished JUST in time to ship our pallet of goodies out to the SEMA booth. Of course there were many items that didn't make the pallet and our luggage essentially consisted of coilovers, literature, hardware, e-brakes and other last minute essentials.

G setting up the CD-PRO display

We arrived in Vegas and proceeded straight to SEMA to setup our booth, we had never even assembled the display up to this point and we crossed out fingers that everything would go together smoothly. Long story short, everything fit perfectly and we blasted through our booth setup. Step one DONE!

We then proceeded split up and Henry and I walked the show a little and Kevin and Nicole went to see Vegas. We metup later at our AirBNB to relax and prep for the show.

Booth photo with Henry, Gerard and Kevin

From left is Henry ZERO, myself (Gerard) and Kevin with our freshly assembled booth!

Day one started fairly slow and we were worried if we made the right choice to come or not! but later in the day some friends came through and people slowly started rolling in to check us out. We had prepared our speeches the night before and nervously started using them on potential dealers and interested parties. At the end of day one it was getting easier and we were feeling accomplished and excited for the days to come.

Liberty Walk NSX with SERIALNINE NOVA air dampers

One of the big things we did for SEMA was custom build and install the air suspension for @doczilla12 JJ.Dubec's latest project, the new NSX. This car was debuting the world's first Liberty Walk NSX kit. With the help of David from Stance Suspension and Henry ZERO we were able to make the tight deadline to get this car to SEMA. TF Dave custom built a set of XR1 dampers and we (ZERO) produced all of the NOVA Air ancillaries to fit the NSX, all controlled by AirLift 3H management. JJ was super happy with the result and needless to say the NSX was definitely one of the most talked about cars at SEMA and on the internet!

NOVA Air damper

As the week progressed more and more people came to the booth and we were in full attack mode, making contacts and demonstrating our products for endless people. Many of our internet friends came by and said whatup as well as people who were interested in the CD-PRO but wanted a close up and personal with it. We took turns manning the booth and walking the show trying to see as much of the insane amount of products and display cars as possible.

Dinner with Touge Factory

One of the goals for out SEMA trip was to connect with Dave and Nic from Touge Factory to discuss our plans for 2018. We ate at a new KBBQ restaurant called 8 Ounce and man was it AMAZING!! Touge Factory is our exclusive US distributor and strategizing for success in the new year was super important. As we were enjoying this delicious food, talking over exciting new plans and generally having a great meeting, someone broke into their rental car and stole Dave's backpack. Containing his laptop, camera, lenses, hard drive, race data and numerous other irreplaceable items, this put a damper on our awesome night. Damn thieves!!

SEMA 2017

If you've never been to SEMA it truly is an experience like no other, the sheer scale of the show is insane and you couldn't walk the whole show in 4 days. You see so many cool products, cars, equipment and innovation that you're overwhelmed, inspired and exhausted at the same time. We made many connections and contacts to help further our company in the future.

Overall we feel that SEMA 2017 was a success for us. There really is no substitute for meeting face to face and seeing the products firsthand. Many companies and people are now more familiar with the SERIALNINE/ZERO name, product and quality. Thanks to SEMA we hope to expand our dealer and distributor network into different zones and countries in the near future

Peep the gallery to see some of the cool stuff from the show.


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