For those of you not familiar with the yellow Aristo in the photos, the owners name is Yuhei Baba, a 26 year old drifter from Narita Japan. Yuhei has been part of team Moccomans since the age of 20 and SERIALNINE has been sponsoring him for since 2015.

We originally got introduced to Yuhei through C Zee Zayas of AllThatLow. C Zee mentioned there was this guy from Moccomans building an Aristo and and wanted our BREED fenders, perhaps we'd be interested in sponsoring him. I've always loved the Moccomans cars and the full radiused S14 on TE's is an all time favorite of mine, so needless to say we were excited!

MOCCOMANS crazy radius fenders S14

We checked out Yuhei's IG and FB pages and were definitely interested, it showed a sick JZX100 Chaser with wide fenders and awesome stance shredding! It was 100% SERIALNINE style and a great opportunity to expand SERIALNINE to Japan.

Yuhei JZX100 1JZ festival

Yuhei JZX100

Yuhei JZX100 crash

Yuhei decided to build an Aristo after he crashed his JZX100 at the 1jz festival in 2014. The car was hit pretty hard and was essentially destroyed so it was time for a new whip. We discussed the sponsorship and in 2015 and we sent Yuhei a full set of BREED fenders and our GT trunk for his new Aristo build. It had a 500hp 1.5JZ (because it sounds better according to Yuhei) , ORG twin clutch, an R154 transmission with dog engaged upgraded gears, custom coilovers, 19" Work CR2P's and various bits from Garage Yamaguti, FNATZ, and others.

Yuhei JZS161 Aristo Tsukuba Circuit