Altezza 2.0 Pink Passion


Final Bout . With the Altezza….. where to even begin. I remember the day that G say we got an invite for Final Bout Gallery. It seemed so surreal, we had sponsored the event in the past, travelling to Chicago to spectate at Final Bout II and establish Touge Factory as our US distributor. Again a few years later were sponsoring and heading to PARC to have a booth at Final Bout West. The idea of getting our cars across the continent to drive at USAir seemed so far fetched and unlikely for our small business. To say that “we” got the invite was also a bit of a stretch, Gerard was invited by Illia and he just paid twice his entry fee and we just hoped / assumed all would be good LOL.

At that time the only car I had was the G35 sedan I built “Just to back out on track quickly” that build took way longer then I wanted and when done it never sparked joy the way most of my other cars did. Taking the LHD G35 didn’t feel right for SERIALNINE. That car did have some production parts we make, as well as some prototype pieces, but most was from other companies and to me was never a true SERIALNINE car.

We were trying to decided on / find a chassis for me to build and drive at Final Bout. It HAD to be a Sedan, Toyota and Turbo JZ powered those were the only stipulations I was firm on. There were a couple of half done JZX100s around, I could get a JZX110 Mark II from Japan for cheap and in little time. This was also the time when Gerard was getting rid of his JZX110 Verosa so these were all options I was toying with. The Altezza I already owned had been siting for 3 years with the Beams and J160 pulled at the time. Collecting dust with a half finished wide body, I had also pillaged all the suspension parts for Eric’s JZX110. I had seriously considered getting rid of the shell as it was just taking up space. Ultimately, I’m supper happy with the outcome and have found new love for a car that I was close to throwing away and only chosen due to time and funds constraints.

When we traveled to USAir last time we noticed that some teams had traveled VERY far to be side lined by seemingly small issues. We both knew that couldn’t be an option for us. We needed to have our cars dialed and ready and then have spares of almost every component. I wanted my car mechanically done and driving 4 weeks before we left, that way I just had to do the body work and had ample time to shake out any bugs. This didn’t happen to say the least, driving the car onto the trailer on our departure day was the first I had driven it and this was EXACTLY what I didn’t want to be doing.

The pile of parts waiting for install

Once I had decided to revive the Altezza as my new drift chassis, I pulled the subframe and took it to Dylan at Top Coat Powdercoating. I had seen this colour on some pieces he had doe before and was in love. One thing I loved about my Celsior was how clean the underneath was and the just sea of white powdercoated arms and struts with green Aluminum bushings and collars. I wanted to try and have that same feeling looking at my Altezza. I also needed to find a engine which considering how many JDM cars are in Vancouver was surprisingly hard.