It is an insane time right now with COVID-19 taking over many aspects of everyone's lives. We hope that at this point everyone is on the same page regarding just how serious this pandemic is and that the people who were saying "its just a flu" or "It only affects older or immunocompromised people" etc. have finally seen the severity of what is actually happening. There are currently over 1.2 million cases worldwide and over 311,000 cases in USA alone climbing at a rate of over 30k people a DAY! It's Interesting to see the different strategies that each country is taking, from the complete lockdown at around 300 cases in NZ to president Duerte's "Shoot them dead." orders in the Philippines, to the maybe, sorta, kinda approach that Trump is taking is taking. We shall see who's approaches are effective in keeping their people safe. SERIALNINE is based in British Columbia Canada and we've been ordered to shutdown most non essential businesses, practice social distancing (punishable by fines) and we've been strongly urged to stay at home as much as possible. As multiple large companies face layoffs and shutdowns we're doing our best to stay in business and supply our customers while flattening the curve. BC really is doing quite well considering we are a major hub for international travel and have great weather enticing people to go outside and enjoy it vs stay in and isolate. SERIALNINE made the responsible choice early on to protect our families and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by implementing a plan where only one key employee would physically come to the office and the others work from home. While we have no idea how long this pandemic will last, we're continually refining our strategies to better serve our customers and keep ourselves efficient for the duration of the near lockdown.

I'm sure we are all patiently waiting until this is all over and we can resume our normal lives of meeting up, drifting, going for dinner, giving high fives/hugs or anything besides isolating.

Here are a few FAQ's regarding the current situation and its effect on SERIALNINE and our customers.

Q: Are you guys still working?

A: Yes we are working at a reduced capacity.

Q: Can I still order items?

A: Yes we are still taking orders. We will email you the status of said ordered product and its respective ETA.

Q: Are you guys shipping product?

A: Yes anything currently in stock at SERIALNINE will be shipped within 2-4 days.

Q: Are you guys still doing production?

A: This is dependent upon our physical capacity as well as our suppliers. Some suppliers have slowed down which in turn slows us down. We may change our strategy for production when we have a large production demand (next run of CD999's for example.)

Q: When are you going back to full capacity?

A: We are not sure when we will be cleared to resume full operations.

Q: When am I getting my product?

A: Please email for the most accurate ETA on your order. The COVID-19 crisis affects items differently, so we have no blanket reply for this question.

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