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Electronic Automatic Transmission Emulator for use when doing AT->MT swap and retaining AT ecu. When swapping VVT-i equipped cars the ECU will go into a semi-limp mode which will limit torque, power delivery characteristics and throttle response. The ATEMU will restore these characteristics back to stock level and give you the full potential of your manual transmisson swap. The difference is VERY noticable and you will be surprised at how much better your car feels after installing it. Installation takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on your wiring proficiency, the ATEMU gets wired into the AT plug at the ECU. 

-Gets rid of Transmission related CEL's

-Restores throttle response

-Restores lack of torque

-Restores delayed power delivery when shifting

-Detailed instructions are included

-Shipping is included


ATEMU for AT->MT swap