This is the highest quality, most technically advanced adapter system designed to mate the Toyota JZ Engine to a Nissan CD009/JK Transmission the market. Invesioned and developed by SERIALNINE.

We offer three clutch options to cater to each individual's needs: SINGLE, MULTI or OS GIKEN all options aer extremely comprehensive and include everything execpt for a clutch you will need for a seamless swap. 

Our SINGLE option is a single plate flywheel that is 14lbs and will work with ANY good quality 350Z/370Z/G35/G37 clutch.  ( Clutch must be purchased separately )
Our MULTI option uses a 13lb flywheel and is designed to work with the TILTON 7.25” racing clutch, and is available in different variants of, Triple and Quad, in metallic, or carbon! ( Clutch must be purchased separately )

The OS GIKEN option utilizes the vernerable OS TR2CD  multi plate clutch and flywheel combo. Capable of holding up to 800lb/ft ( Clutch must be purchased separately )

Comes standard with our legendary CD999 shifter for precise shifts, reliability and optimal compatibility. The CD999 fits the largest 1350 yoke and combined with the CD-PRO puts your shifter as short as 28.75" from the rear of the engine.  



1-Billet Chromoly flywheel
2-Cast Bellhousing (Pre-assembled w/TILTON HRB, GOODRIDGE lines, ZERO pass-throughs, integral bleeder and cover plate)
3-CD999 shifter
4-Bellhousing bolts
5-ARP flywheel bolts
6-Input shaft bearing spacers
7-Pilot bearing with adapter
8-Input shaft seal
9-Bellhousing gasket
10-Energy Suspension transmission mount
11-Input shaft and transmission case cutting guides

CD-PRO | JZ to CDxxx Adapter kit