Our highly adjustable Rear Upper Control Arm for the S161 Chassis has many features

  • Double adjustable with both inner Micro-Adjust and sliding ball joint "Lollipop"
  • Hand TIG welded and assembled in CANADA
  • Chromoly Teflon lined rod ends
  • Available in two versions to suit your setup SPORT or ONI
  • SPORT arm Features
    Adjustable from +15mm~-35mm from stock (approx +2°~-6° FROM YOUR CURRENT SETUP*)
    Mildy corrected ball joint angle best for use in the -2"~-4" lowered range
    Best arm for Drift cars and most Stance cars

JZS161 G300 / GS400 / GS430 / Aristo Serial999 Rear Upper Control Arms

SKU: 04-02-31-0003-50