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Our Stylish Breed Cressida front and rear fender set gives your car and extra 50mm (2") of width, and much needed inner fender clearance as well.

  • Fits 1989-1994 MX83 Toyota Cressida only. ( Not Chaser / Cresta or Mark II)
  • High quality FRP construction with OEM like fit
  • Extra thick fender edges for those that want to radius (raise) fender lip
  • Radiused ( raised ) 12.5mm ( .5" ) fender edge
  • Finished in a high quality white gelcoat
  • FRONT features
    Full Replacement vented front fenders
    -** Will not work with Chaser or Mark II Headlights **
    -Additional 50mm ( 2" ) wider
  • REAR features
    -Additional 50mm (2") of width combined with much needed additional inner clearance
    -Replaces innner door sill
    -Rear kit includes 2 full replacement 1/4 panels 
    ** Door modification required ** 
    ** Cutting the rear 1/4 panel required **

MX83 Cressida Breed Series Full Fender Set

SKU: 12-01-02-0014-08