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Our SERIAL999 adjustable arm series has evolved into an industry leading technological powerhouse. Designed from the ground up to be lightweight, strong and offer excellent value, we've succeeded in developing arms far beyond anything currently available. 

Welcome to the new age, where technology has replaced tradition.

Gone are formed and fabricated arms, welding, rust and excess weight, replaced by a single CNC machined masterpiece.

All of the new Billet arms are incredibly beautiful as well, with specific tool paths that create distinct shaped and features that catch the light and your eye. These truly are jewelry for your car.

FEA optimized and FMEA tested for exceptional performance and safety, the SERIAL999 arms excel from a Sunday drive all the way to the race track.


Main arm sections are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with higher strength 7075-T6 used for specific high stress components. Multiple mounting locations for coilovers and swaybars offer adjustments in spring rate and swaybar stiffness.

Offering a large camber adjustment from super negative to beyond zero, adjustable in-situ these arms are versatile, innovative and user friendly.  

The underside features QR instructions, Batch and Serial number ID for exact item ID as well as the replaceable ball joint

Our Front upper arms incorporate a dropped design which means the ball joint "ZERO" location is adjusted for a lowered car. This gives greater ball joint articulation within the travel of short stroke dampers.