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Polyurethane Bushings


Polyurethane Bushings

 This is a project we've been working on for quite some time! Previously we were reselling bushings that we had custom spec'd for our needs, however there were some downfalls with this situation that we felt needed addressing. Supply was inconsistent, the aesthetics weren't very SERIALNINE and we thought the quality could be better.

We searched for a new supplier while simultaneously redesigning the entire line to suit our vision. We changed the color to Grey for the 87 Durometer (our most popular stiffness) which we thought would be a cool complimenting color to any under chassis components you may have. Its bright enough to stand out but not an off-putting/clashing color like yellow, orange or red. We designed our own cool packaging that is a strong, durable, resealable bag with a window that you can reuse for parts. We're happy to say when they finally arrived they were absolutely perfect, a testament to working with competent and professional suppliers. These kits will improve or refresh your tired rubber bushings, offer more feedback and precision than stock and finally include ample silicone grease for installation or maintenance. 

We have the capacity to produce large quantities very quickly to alleviate back orders or delays as well as complete control over every aspect of manufacturing. We currently offer complete bushing sets for all of the popular Toyota sedans and plan to expand this line with many more applications in the near future! 

SERIALNINE Sedan Drifting Club

A way to celebrate your love for sedans.

Introducing the Sedan Drifting Club. A club for anyone who enjoys drifting four door chariots like we do. We've curated a tasteful line of clothing for discerning gentlemen and gentlewomen. Starting with our soft coduroy hats, you can proudly display your love for sedans with any outfit. Coming soon are our polo shirts in matching colorways to the hats, so you can look  


The SK5 is BACK!
We proudly introduce the SK5 V2!

Introducing the all new SK5 V2!

The SK5 concept gives you a possible 242 different combinations to personalize your car.

Starting with our standard Short or Tall configurations, both available in White Delrin, we've included 11 different color rings for a total of 121 colorways per knob. With V2 we've added the stylish Gel top for added grip and esthetics.  We have 48 different styles with multiple colorways and versions. Choose yours today!

Choose ANY 2 Gel tops from the photo and please write them in the notes section of your order. If you just cant choose simply put "random" 

What combo will you come up with?


-Includes 11 different color bands (22 total)

-Includes threaded adapters for most japanese cars (M8x1.25, M10x1.5, M10x1.25, M12x1.25)

-Height and weight adjustable-Short=159 grams max-Tall=262 grams max

Let us know what you think in the comments!


Jonny Sundell from Box One is back at making videos! Jonny is an old friend of SERIALNINE and we caught up to hang out and shoot a video of the BLIT. We mainly talk about the build and stuff but touch base on the early days of SERIALNINE and how we got started.  Stay tuned for more BOX ONE videos as Jonny is just getting started!

Kevin Goes Drifting at Villains!

Kevin takes the Altezza to Villains Sportsland in Walla Walla Washington for a two day drift event and adventure ensues! Watch to see how it all went.

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