So with the demise of the Aristo, it was time to choose a new drift car. SERIALNINE has been wanting to move into Nissans for a while now and with the growing popularity of the FM platform we wanted to produce parts for that chassis. The FM chassis is essentially most RWD Nissans since 2001 in one way or another, the main ones being Z33(350Z), V35 (Skyline/G35), M35 (Stagea) and the rest of the weird Infiniti ones like FX35/M35/M45 etc.  I wanted to build a Nissan, something unique, yet stay with that same FM platform. I was kinda over struggling with the weight of the Aristo so that meant that the big sedans were out of the question. I'm not really a coupe guy so that meant that 350Z/G35 coupe were out as well. The G35/Skyline sedan were one the last options but they're badly in need of widebody and I really wanted to build something special and unique. I've always had a thing for wagons and the M35 Stagea was always a favorite car of mine and I'd also owned the previous WGNC34 Stagea. It was also a logical choice as it came in many configurations from RWD base model AWD turbo and it was roughly the same weight as the sedan so the hunt was on! Luckily a local guy had a really nice base model RWD with a few goodies already so we snapped it up real quick. 

We will be carrying over the 600hp 2JZ/CD009 combo as well as the Veilsides from the Aristo. 2JZ-> 350Z/G35/Stagea engine mounts will be made as a product when we swap the 2JZ in as well as some other little swap related parts. The wheels for the Aristo are definitely HUGE so some help was needed to fit those. I wanted an OEM+ sort of look and didn't want to 

Project STAGEA!

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